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Residential Shutters Bonita Springs FL

Residential Shutters

Bonita Springs Residential Shutters
Residential Shutters in and near Bonita Springs Florida

Residential Shutters in Bonita Springs

Our plantation shutters are designed for residential homes yet, engineered for commercial environments due to the strength and durability of our shutter. Alumacore plantation shutters present the ever-popular classic look you would desire from plantation shutters. The sleek white lines of a shutter are formed by the operable louvers, which present a well hand-crafted shutter. A major of shutters have the same beautiful appearance on the exterior, but what the integrity of our shutter? What makes Alumacore different from all the other shutters? Our shutters are designed with a dual infused poly synthetic aluminum core perfectly fused together creating one of the strongest shutters on the market. We believe Alumacore creates an elite shutter giving your home the durability it truly deserves. Our shutters have painted water-based finish. After the paint is applied the parts are sent into an industrial oven to allow the paint to baked on to the shutter. The oven is heated to 140 degrees; this method allows the paint to cure to the surface of the shutter to create a smooth finish, engineered to last a lifetime. We have created an extremely durable, yet smooth surface due to our painting process. Plantation shutters will absolutely help transform the entire look of a room.

What are the added benefits to residential plantation shutters? Interior shutters are sought after for many reasons. The top two most beneficial reasons for shutters are light control and privacy for each individual room. You’re probably wondering at this point how much better a shutter truly is over a blind or shade for light control purposes. There are two different ways to achieve complete light control of a room. The two ways are either split tilt shutters or to use a divider rail. For example, let’s imagine a shutter with 16 louvers which is typically a 62 inch tall shutter. Generally, all 16 louvers can operation together in unison. The louvers will completely close and open together or they can be left at the desired angle to let just the right amount of light in the room. However, if we apply split tilt to the shutter there could be two sections of 8 louvers that operate independently. Therefore, the bottom half of the shutter could be completely closed. This helps stop more light from entering into the room, thus allowing the top half to remain open to give the operator control over the amount of light they want to let into the room. The same principles apply to using a divider rail. What exactly is a divider rail? A divider rail is decorative piece of rail that used to separate two sections of louvers. Why would I want a divider rail in my shutter? There are three main reasons, to strengthen the shutter panel, to hide the window lock and to split the operation of louvers .  By inserting a divider rail in the panel you have more than likely accomplished all three purposes of the divider rail. Now you can have the bottom section of louvers closed and the top section of louvers have the potential to be open to allow light in. Plantation shutters are unlike shades and blinds when it comes to complete light control and privacy.

 Did you know that plantation shutters are the only window treatments that truly add value to your home? Many states recognize that plantation shutters are a permit upgrade in a residential home and therefore are taxed differently. A Used tax is applied in many states, including Florida. The tax is paid based on the cost of the product the retail company pays for the shutters, not the entire sales price. Therefore, plantation shutters are the only window coverings considered to add value to a home. Not only do our shutters add value to your home, but our shutters help block the heat at the window of your home to help reduce electricity cost as well.






Residential Shutters Bonita Springs FL
Bonita Springs Residential Shutters


































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